Be Thankful!

Do holidays make you sad?  Your best friend is going to her fiance's family’s home for Thanksgiving.  Your classmates are taking their boyfriends to the college Christmas party.  Every girl you know is getting a gift from their beau.  Every girl but you. Yes, holidays can be discouraging when you see your friends enjoying them … Continue reading Be Thankful!

“Only to Be Yours” – Meredith Andrews

Sometimes the desire for a romantic relationship can become an idol to us.  It can take the place of Jesus.  If we find ourselves in this position--with anything in our lives--our cry should be, "Take everything I have, only to be yours, Lord."  Jesus' greatest desire is to hear us say that He is our … Continue reading “Only to Be Yours” – Meredith Andrews

Virtue’s Promise Quotes

The following are quotes from my novella, Virtue's Promise!  If you are single and desire to be married, I hope they inspire you.  Take a moment to download the book from! "When you become a woman of virtue, as the Proverbs say, you can rest assured that the Father's best will always come to … Continue reading Virtue’s Promise Quotes

Get Ready, Get Set…

My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary a few years ago.  That is an incredible feat—especially today!  It’s not only a sign of true love and commitment, but it’s also a proof of lasting integrity.  I’m so proud to have that in my heritage. I desire my marriage to be the same—solid enough to last … Continue reading Get Ready, Get Set…