Love Is a Verb

Love.  We all want it and can’t live without it.  We seek it, idolize it, and make it our life’s goal.  But do we know what we’re really looking for?  Is that object we call “love” really what we’re expecting? Love is depicted in many ways in the world.  We see movies, novels, and dating … Continue reading Love Is a Verb


Christ Is Enough We live in a culture of romance. So much romance that it seems our lives are incomplete without it. But if we are Christians, we are complete, with or without a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.  He is enough, more than enough, because He alone can fulfill us. He has taken care of … Continue reading Christ Is Enough

None But You – Hillsong No other person should receive our greatest desire above Jesus.  He's the lover of our soul, our most intimate relationship.  Should someone else try to distract our devotion, our cry should be, "There is no one else for me, none but Jesus." In the quiet, in the stillness I know that you are God … Continue reading None But You – Hillsong

Going Steady – Guest Post

After Christmas, I got the sudden urge to reorganize places in my house.  This included my shelf of notebook binders, filled with sermon notes, Scripture lists, and discipleship helps.  One notebook was filled with chapels from the Christian School I attended in Canada.  One of the chapel notes was from Paula Hernando, the secretary of … Continue reading Going Steady – Guest Post

Heart Like You by Love and the Outcome If God were to take a microscope to our hearts, what would He find?  A heart engrossed in the desire for a relationship?  A heart craving romance?  Or would He find a heart like His, a heart that beats for His glory and is dedicated to His cause?  That's the kind of heart He's … Continue reading Heart Like You by Love and the Outcome