Hi, I’m Christa!

I am a Bible school graduate and licensed minister who has served in my church for many years.  I have held the positions of children’s church and nursery director, academy classroom supervisor, and secretary.  I teach regularly from the pulpit and have gone on two missions trips to Mexico and Italy.

I also enjoy writing faith-based blog and newspaper articles, and am a self-published author of two novels, two novellas, and two devotionals (found on Amazon).   I am currently working on my first full-length nonfiction book called I’ll Find Him with You.

Along with my church ministry and writing, I love spending time with my husband Michael and daughter Amaris in our home in the Texas Panhandle!

I made the choice as a teenager not to join the dating ranks, but to wait for the person God ordained as my husband.  Was the waiting easy?  No!  Were there moments of discouragement?  Yes!  Was I tempted to settle for second best?  Yes!  God, however, was faithful through it all the challenges.  As I made Jesus my number one love above my desire for a husband, God graced me with promises.  I chose to put my faith and trust in Him rather than working toward acquiring my husband on my own terms. The rewards of faith and patience proved true, and I am a happy testimony of God’s faithfulness!

If you’re a single woman who desires a husband, I hope this blog inspires you to allow God to be your matchmaker.  I pray it encourages you to put Jesus first before every other romantic desire as your confidence rests in God’s plan for your life.  No greater romance exists apart from Him!


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