The Apple Tree, Part 2


The Amazing Apple

 Miss Amazing is human just like you and me.  She’s not perfect by any means, but instead of focusing her life on something as shallow as charm and beauty, she has something going for her that will ensure her success every time.  Her value in life is described in the last half of Proverbs 31:30:  but a woman who fears the Lord, she will be praised. 

A trap for even Miss Amazing is to believe she must be loud and aggressive to attract a man to her life.  They crave the same “praise” that Miss Easy is looking for and cry, “I’ll never get noticed if I don’t show off!”  I know how it is.  As much as I want to be an amazing apple, I’ve been guilty of trying to impress men with my abilities and the things I’ve done in life.  I’ve even thrown in a little flirting!  Sadly, that game always ended up sour.  I didn’t act myself and walk away with no man on my arm—even though I tried so hard.  I can sense God shaking His head sadly, knowing I’d missed the point of being Christa—daughter of the King.  I remember clearly when He told me, “You don’t show yourself off; I will show you off.”   He wants nothing more than to show off His greatest possession, and He didn’t need my help.

My brother wisely put it this way, “If you have to do all that [immodesty, flirting, etc.] to get attention, then you must think that your character isn’t enough to attract someone.  Or you don’t have much character at all.”  That can be a painful statement, but it’s true.  It’s natural to want to feel accepted, to have a man’s attention, and it’s not wrong to tell people about ourselves and what you do.

You show honor to God when you take care of the body He has given you, but honorable, satisfying favor and attention doesn’t come from aggressively seeking it. Proverbs 27:2 says, Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.  Your human flesh wants to do the exact opposite!  You want to push yourself ahead because you want that relationship now!  That wish will never be blessed by God.  He has another plan – total and complete trust that He will honor you for who you are and for the way you live.

“Fearing the Lord” means putting Him first in your life and developing a lifestyle that honors Him. Unlike Miss Easy, your entire focus in life is on giving Him your all, rather than promoting the Big Apple—also known as me, myself, and I.  Since you know you’re representing God, you should have no desire for selfish flattery or immodest dressing.  Purity in your hearts, minds, and bodies is your greatest aim.  When a man looks at you, you want him to see your beauty—your real beauty. A godly difference stands out and makes a godly man take notice.

Sincerity of Heart

Since flirting and flattery are shallow and selfish, Miss Amazing will choose to be gracious in her interaction with men.  Instead of aggressively pulling their attention toward herself, she quietly demands their attention by being a woman of honor.  When I say demands, I don’t mean with words or actions.  Miss Amazing will call for a man’s respect because she’s different from all the other girls.  This is the kind of woman Mr. Brave is looking for.

Godly Friendships

Miss Amazing knows that “bad company corrupts good habits” (I Corinthians 15:33).  She doesn’t want to fit in just anywhere.  She wants to mingle with people who have a lifestyle and standards like hers.  With those, she’ll find the strength and encouragement she needs to maintain her “Amazing Apple” status.  She doesn’t think she’s too good to reach out to the world around her; she just realizes that what she wants in a man can’t be found in the world’s popular crowd.   She’s looking for Mr. Brave, who has made his choice to mingle in the same crowds.

Internal Value

Although Miss Amazing desires a beautiful face and body like every other girl, she also knows that the most important part of her cannot be seen.  The real her, her born again spirit, is what’s most important.  She considers what God sees to determine her value (I Samuel 16:7).  As a result, she takes care of her outside by styling her hair, wearing make-up, and staying in tune with the latest fashions.  In the process, she makes sure that what she wears isn’t provocative and gaudy.  She’s not so insecure in herself that she must rely on the perfection of these things to find her worth.  After all, she wants to attract Mr. Brave, not Mr. Easy.


Miss Amazing is a confident person.  She knows what God has created her to be and is strong – strong enough not to fall for every man who gives her a second glance.  She’s not exemplifying pride or a characteristic of an extroverted personality.  She does not show off self.   She shows an understanding of a value placed on her life by Someone bigger than herself.  Such knowledge spurs her to fly beyond the mediocre vanities of life and on to greatness, no matter what other people think.  Like all men, Mr. Brave is attracted to this characteristic.  Something is so beautiful about human character, especially when it’s filled with God’s character.

Focus on the Future

Miss Amazing knows her place in the Kingdom of God.  She knows her role as ambassador and desires more than anything to hear God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23) It may mean that she becomes a nurse, a secretary, or a missionary in her pursuit.  No matter what her call is, she makes this her focus.  It’s her priority . . . and she desires no other way than to meet Mr. Brave on the road to her destiny.


Miss Amazing knows that the “integrity of the upright will guide her” (Proverbs 11:3).  She has chosen to honor Jesus with her lifestyle, which means living a life of character.  Even when she doesn’t feel like it, she chooses to live according to God’s Word.  As a result, she trusts that God will “guide” her to Mr. Brave in His timing.  Because Mr. Brave values a life of doing what’s right at all costs, he will soon find her.


Miss Amazing finds great value in the wisdom of God.  She craves His Word, and desires to be led only by the Holy Spirit.  She knows this is the only way she will be a success in life.  She wants to “redeem” her time while on the earth (Ephesians 5:16) rather than make poor decisions because she chose to be led by her own mind.  Whether it be choosing the right car in the lot, or choosing the right husband, wisdom is her guide.  In the meantime, Mr. Brave is led by wisdom himself.  That hunger for wisdom will draw them together like “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17).


 When you think of an “Easy Apple,” it’s easy to imagine a girl who waits tables at a bar at night, or who looks like a hooker strutting through the mall.  That’s not always the case, though.  Sometimes “Easy Apples” can be sweet Christian young women who don’t really know what they’re doing when they decide to flirt or throw on a mini skirt.  Often, they are ladies who simply want to feel accepted and appreciated.  They’re insecure about who they are and want someone to find them special and add value to their lives.

If this is you, don’t let the devil condemn you.  Everyone has given in to these temptations at one time or another.  The good news is that being Miss Easy doesn’t have to be permanent.  The simple act of repenting and changing the direction of your lifestyle is all that’s needed.  There’s a greater place to live than in the mud around the tree trunk.  There’s a branch with your name on it – a branch reserved for you, Miss Amazing Apple.

Even Miss Amazing doesn’t always think she’s worth pursuing.  They don’t see the value of having characteristics like these.  That’s usually why they give in to any man who comes along.  As a child of God, you should consider yourself worth pursuing—not easily caught!  You know you’re a lady, therefore, expect to be treated like one!  Like Proverbs says, see yourself as having worth far above rubies. Believe that you are a gem, and nothing – and no one – can take that value away!

Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10




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