Love Is Not a Feeling


If you’re waiting for a feeling to decide whether you love someone or they love you, remember this:

Love is not a feeling.  Even Jesus didn’t FEEL like going to the cross.  In the garden, He was so stressed about it that He sweat drops of blood and asked that His assignment would change.  But His spirit – full of love, obedience, and dedication to His call – overrode His feelings and He performed the greatest act of love we will ever know.

2 thoughts on “Love Is Not a Feeling

    • The Bible says that “Perfect love casts out all fear.” I John 4:18 If Jesus did experience any emotion of fear (which I’m sure was one emotion that caused His stress), He overcame that, too. But, again, nice feelings MAY ACCOMPANY love, but love is not a feeling in and of itself. It’s a choice regardless of feelings – whether good or bad.


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