Tape and a Broken Heart

heart broken

I walked up to my rental car, a brand new PT Cruiser, and started to open the door for my drive to church.  That’s when I saw the little white apartment business card tucked in the window.  Strange.  I turned it over and read a neatly written note: “Call me sometime.  I’d like to take you out.”  It was signed, “Kevin.”

My heart pounded.  My neighbor wanted to take me out?

Two weeks before, my tail light had been crushed by another neighbor’s careless driving.  I had come out of my apartment a couple days later to scrape my windows before going to work and had discovered a note and roll of tape on my windshield.  “The same thing happened to me,” the note read.  “Thought you could use this.  Kevin.”  The message was followed by his apartment and phone number.  I glanced at the apartment doors around me.  Directly ahead of me, the door slightly ajar, was the apartment.  I quickly entered my car, tossing the roll of tape on my seat.  Thoughtful, I thought.  But who was he?  It was obviously someone who had seen my plight and thought to use it as an introduction.

Because I was wary…and nervous…I waited a week before approaching my benefactor’s door.  I mean, the least I could do was thank him.

Bundled in my winter coat and boots, I stood outside his apartment and knocked.  I was met by a good-looking man in his thirties.  His face broke into a big smile as he opened the door.

“Hello, are you Kevin?” I asked.


“I’m Christa Heider.”  I smiled sweetly, handing him the tape roll.  “Thank you for giving this to me.  I was actually getting it fixed the day I found it.  I appreciate it, though!”

His smile was still in place.  “I didn’t know if you needed it or not.  The same thing happened to me before.”

After you exchanged a few more words about the police and their rules for driving without a tail light, I bid him goodbye.  “Well, thank you.  Have a nice day!”

Still smiling, Kevin confidently called after me, “I’ll be seeing you!”

I got into my maimed Explorer, knowing something romantic was up.

Then a week later, the date invitation showed up on my rental.  I immediately went into panic mode!  This meant confrontation and I never liked that.  I didn’t know the guy well enough to go on a date, and I didn’t know anyone who knew him.  Besides that, I didn’t have that peace in my heart that said God was okay with it.

I eventually called him and said I wasn’t comfortable with a date.  He was a little confused, but respected what I said.  I, on the other hand, was dejected.  How many times was I going to have to say “no” to someone’s advances?  When could I give my heart away and enjoy the company of my first boyfriend?  I felt discouragement overtake me and tears came to my eyes.  I knew what the right thing was for me, but sometimes doing the right thing hurts in the beginning.  That’s when I heard God quietly tell me, “Christa, let me hold your heart until your husband comes.”

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Tape and a Broken Heart

  1. “Let me hold you heart until your husband comes”, what beautiful words! Only the Lover of our soul can speak such tender words and heal wounds that we didn’t even know we had. Thank you for this post, I have to find the conclusion to this story though, I am curious.


    • Hello! I love how God loves us enough to speak to us when we need it! The story actually stops there as I moved to another town some months after. I would normally say “unfortunately, the story ends there,” but in this case it’s good that it did since it wasn’t in the will of God to go further. That move led me to a town where I met my husband. I’ll share that story eventually! Bless you!


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