God’s Great Idea

Though "Adam At the Office" is humorous, it's not at all accurate (see previous post).  When you read the story of Creation from the Bible, you see something a little different. No Adam coming to God with a pity party, begging God to fix his need. No, God was the one who saw the need … Continue reading God’s Great Idea

Adam at the Office

Ever felt like Adam?  Like you just can't take the singleness anymore?  This story is for you! *** Adam pushed the elevator button. Tenth floor, all the way to the top. The door opened to an empty elevator cage. Good, thought Adam, I’m not in the mood for chit-chat right now. As the door closed … Continue reading Adam at the Office

I’ll Find Him With You

I wrote this song in 2006, and got married in 2013.  Was the the eleven-year wait easy?  No.  Sometimes I felt like giving up and settling for second best.  Sometimes I didn't want to put my energies into building my faith on the subject.   Sometimes I struggled with disappointed hopes.  What it all came down … Continue reading I’ll Find Him With You